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The Restaurant and Order Management dashboard provides a complete overview of all your restaurant’s orders, menus and much more. The full freedom to use features makes this the perfect solution for any busy restaurateur!


Restaurant Dashboard On The Go!

You can manage your restaurant on your fingertips with our dashboard available on Android and iOS Apps.


With our dashboard, you can take care of all the busywork. You’re in control: edit menus and manage orders with ease! The system will even automatically generate order reports for your convenience so that there’s no need to get down into those nitty gritty details – we’ve got it covered.


Feature Packed Ordering System’s Dashboard

Order Dashboard

Check how your restaurant is growing over time and manage what type of orders you want at a particular moment. You can switch on and off Delivery, Pickup, Reservation and Dine-In at any point of time.

Order Management

You can track and manage all of your orders in the fleksa dashboard. It’s easy to navigate and download in PDF format for future reference or just as an archival copy if needed!

Website Management

Manage all aspects of your restaurant in one place with the Restaurant Management Platform. From logos and descriptions to contact details, this intuitive software has everything you need for running a successful restaurant!

Inventory Management

Create your restaurant menu with ease using the dashboard. You can add popular categories, customizable add-ons and prices for each dish to make it easier for your customers!

Restaurant Timings

Timings are one of the most important parts when it comes to running a successful restaurant. Your customer should be aware that you have certain timings, like what time they will get their food or if there is an order rush period in-between lunch hours for example – this can easily be managed via the Timing section!

Delivery Fee

If you’re providing delivery from your orders, charge based on where it’s going! You can select which location the food will be delivered in and add a fee for that specific service.

One Simple System To Handle All Online Operations

One thing that makes us different from other online ordering systems is our easy-to use system integration. You can customize menus, manage orders and set ready times which will give you a great handle on when your next order should be delivered! We also offer round the clock support so if there ever comes time for some personalization with an employee or two (we know how rewarding it feels), just let one of them chat online during business hours. We’ll always have someone waiting who wants to help out.


Digitize Your Restaurant

And turn people visiting your website into regular food clients…

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Digitize Your Restaurant

And turn people visiting your website into regular food clients…

Talk to us today and we’ll run grow your restaurant business like never before