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From handheld devices to countertop stations, Fleksa offers an array of hardware solutions to meet your restaurant’s needs. Find the perfect hardware to optimize your restaurant operations with Fleksa.

Fleksa Provides Top Restaurant POS Hardware Solutions

Fleksa offers a range of hardware solutions tailored to restaurant needs, including handheld thermal printers, Windows POS hardware with thermal printers, multiple payment terminals, and Android POS with thermal printers. Compatible across various operating systems and devices, Fleksa’s comprehensive hardware lineup ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. Trust Fleksa to fulfill all your restaurant’s hardware requirements with reliability and efficiency.

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Bring your own device (BYOD)

Quick & Easy Integration with POS

Flexibly integrate Fleksa POS with your existing devices, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced convenience for your restaurant operations. With BYOD, you can leverage your current hardware investments while enjoying the full functionality of Fleksa POS, including order management, payment processing, and invoice & billing features.

Android Handheld Thermal Printer

SUNMI V2s or Similar

Experience efficient printing on-the-go with the SUNMI V2s or similar Android handheld thermal printer. Its compact design and wireless connectivity enable staff to easily navigate through crowded restaurant spaces, printing orders directly from the point of service. With high-speed thermal printing technology, it ensures crisp and clear receipts, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Android Handheld Thermal Printer With NFC

SUNMI V2s with NFC

Elevate your POS experience with the SUNMI V2s featuring NFC capabilities. In addition to efficient thermal printing, this device enables contactless payments, reducing transaction times and enhancing customer convenience. By supporting NFC technology, it facilitates secure and seamless payment transactions, while also providing opportunities for loyalty program integration and targeted marketing initiatives.

Windows POS Hardware with 80MM Thermal Printer

Scangle D2 - 14.1"

Optimize your restaurant’s efficiency with the Scangle D2 Windows POS hardware, featuring an 80mm thermal printer. Its robust Windows-based system offers reliability and versatility, supporting various POS applications and third-party integrations. The large display ensures clear visibility of orders and menus, while the included thermal printer produces high-quality receipts promptly.

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Windows POS Hardware with 80MM Thermal Printer

Scangle D2 - 14.1" + 10.1"

Improve your restaurant’s operations with the Scangle D2 Windows POS hardware, equipped with an 80mm thermal printer and an additional 10.1″ display. This versatile setup offers reliability and flexibility, accommodating a wide range of POS applications and third-party integrations. The dual displays ensure improved order visibility and efficiency in managing orders and menus.

Android POS + 80MM Thermal Printer

Sunmi V3 Mix + Stand

Enhance your POS setup with the Sunmi V3 Mix, combining Android functionality with an 80mm thermal printer. This all-in-one solution streamlines operations by offering a compact footprint and intuitive touchscreen interface. With its built-in printer and sturdy stand, the Sunmi V3 Mix maximizes counter space and provides a stable platform for order processing. Its Android operating system supports a variety of apps, empowering staff to deliver exceptional service and streamline workflows.

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Payment Terminal


Ensure secure and seamless transactions with the BBPOS WisePOS E payment terminal. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for both countertop and mobile payment acceptance, catering to the diverse needs of your restaurant environment. Equipped with advanced encryption and authentication features, it protects sensitive payment data, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

Payment Terminal

The S700

Streamline your payment procedures with The S700 payment terminal, offering reliability and versatility to meet the demands of your restaurant business. Its sleek and ergonomic design enhances the checkout experience for both customers and staff, with intuitive functionality and easy-to-read display. The S700 supports various payment methods, including chip cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your customers.

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Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) hardware refers to the physical devices and equipment used to facilitate transactions, manage orders, and streamline operations in a restaurant setting. This includes items such as touchscreen terminals, printers for receipts and kitchen tickets, cash drawers, card readers, and other peripherals designed specifically for restaurant use.

Yes, Fleksa POS is designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing hardware setups, allowing you to leverage your current investments and infrastructure. Whether you have handheld devices, printers, or payment terminals, Fleksa offers flexibility and support to integrate seamlessly with your preferred hardware configurations.

Fleksa's hardware and payment terminals are built to withstand the demanding environment of restaurant operations. With robust construction and quality materials, our devices are engineered for durability and reliability. From handheld terminals to countertop systems and payment terminals, Fleksa's hardware solutions are designed to endure the rigors of daily use in busy restaurant settings, ensuring long-lasting performance and efficiency.