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Restaurant POS System

Fleksa POS is the ultimate restaurant POS system for 2024. Streamline operations with unlimited handheld devices, integrated tap to pay, QR order and pay, kitchen display systems, and seamless integration with online orders and reservations – available on Android, iOS, and Windows.

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Elevate your restaurant operations with Fleksa! Experience our TSE-Compliant Restaurant Cloud POS system, QR Order & Pay system, SEO-optimized App & Web Shop, robust ordering system, and reservation system all within a comprehensive management portal – everything your restaurant needs, in one place!

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Why Choose Fleksa Cloud POS System?

One POS System
All Your Restaurant Needs

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Manage Live Orders & Reservations

Live order and table reservation

Easily handle the hustle and bustle of your restaurant with Fleksa’s POS system. Seamlessly manage incoming orders and reservations which are coming from Google , website, mobile app, & QR code in real-time, ensuring a smooth flow of operations. Keep your customers happy by efficiently tracking their reservations and ensuring timely service, all at your fingertips.

Streamline Your Orders

Omnichannel Order Manager

Fleksa’s POS solution takes your restaurant’s order management to the next level with its Omnichannel Order Manager. Streamline orders from various channels, be it online, in-house, or through third-party platforms ( Wolt, Uber eats, Lieferando). With a centralized system, stay organized and provide a unified experience without a hitch.

Omnichannel Order Manager
Cashbook And Billing

Real Time Reporting

Cashbook and billing

Say goodbye to accounting headaches with Fleksa’s Cashbook and Billing functionality. Easily manage your restaurant’s financial transactions from daily expenses,X & Z reports, Tax calculation to revenue tracking. Simplify the billing process for your customers with accurate billing reports and transparent invoices.

Optimize Dining Experience

Table Management

Upgrade your dining experience with our restaurant POS system. Easily see which tables are taken in real-time, making table management smoother. This means less waiting time for customers and happier diners overall. Make your restaurant operation a breeze with our user-friendly system.

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Sync with Ease

Order syncing

With the Order Syncing feature, all your orders, whether placed in the restaurant or online, are smoothly updated in one go. No more juggling between systems – keep everything in sync for a hassle-free ordering process. Minimize errors and delays by keeping all your staff on the same page, enhancing communication and efficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

Complete control from anywhere

Centralized control

Our POS system makes sure to give centralized control while offering flexibility to individual outlets. Standardize operations, manage inventory efficiently, and gain insights into the performance of each franchise. With Fleksa, provide a cohesive and consistent brand experience across your entire network.

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Integrate Thrid-Party Solution

Third-party Aggregator

Integrate Thrid-party Solution

Expand your reach and boost sales by integrating seamlessly with third-party aggregators through our Cloud POS System. Maximize your restaurant’s visibility and accessibility on popular delivery platforms & payment apps. With a unified system. ensuring that your customers receive their favorite dishes promptly, whether they order through your app or their preferred aggregator.

Quick Bill Splitting

Split with Ease

Fleksa POS system assists restaurant owners by providing a convenient bill-splitting feature. This feature enables restaurant owners effortlessly divide the bill. It offers options to split it evenly, per order, or with a customized amount. This unique Fleksa feature simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless and flexible experience for managing shared expenses at restaurants.


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Restaurant POS software is a computer application designed specifically for use in the food service industry. It allows restaurants and cafes to manage various aspects of their business, including taking orders, processing payments, managing inventory, and generating reports.

Restaurants and cafes need a POS terminal for several reasons. First, it streamlines the ordering and payment process, making it faster and more accurate. Second, it allows for better inventory management, ensuring that restaurants have the right amount of ingredients and supplies on hand. Finally, it provides detailed sales and financial reports, giving owners and managers the information they need to make informed business decisions.

The cost of Fleksa POS system varies depending on the specific features and needs of the restaurant or cafe. However, Fleksa POS offers a range of pricing plans starting from $99 per month for a basic plan, with additional fees for add-ons.We also offer FREE trial options with limited features.

Yes, starting with Fleksa POS software is generally considered easy. The software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and Fleksa POS provides training and support to help restaurants and cafes get up and running quickly.