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Your restaurant Your way and Your Website and App

Fleksa.com powered websites have superpowers that grow your direct online sales. Boost your profits with our innovative, AI-driven platform featuring integrated SEO to enhance your restaurant’s online presence and customer engagement.

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At Fleksa, we realize the vital role a powerful online presence plays in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. To this end, we offer customizable, branded websites and mobile apps that elevate your restaurant’s digital footprint, delivering an exceptional experience for your customers.

Top-notch Website & Mobile App
Services for Restaurants

Designing Your Restaurant's Digital Story
One Click at a Time

Customized Web &Amp; App Shop

Personalized for Your Brand

Customized Web & App Shop

Your website and app will be tailored to showcase your restaurant in the best possible way, with a focus on brand personalization that helps you stand out from the competition. From color schemes to logo placements, we ensure that every element resonates with the personality of your restaurant, creating a memorable digital space for your customers.

Interactive Menu Display

Multilevel Menu

Fleksa implements Multi Level Menu with high quality pictures which is map out to different offerings restaurant serve. This Dynamic Menus are the great choice for restaurants which are offering a diverse menu categories with different items, combos, add-ons for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or they have many varieties of same cuisines.

Multilevel Menu
One Tap Payment

Flexible Payment Options

One Tap Easy Payment

One tap easy , smooth & secure payment. Nowadays customers want fast & secure online payment for purchasing any products online. Fleksa always makes sure to implement secure online payment options including ( Apple pay, paypal, debit/card )  to make sure there will be no abandonment of carts.

Integrated Ordering & Reservation System

Online Ordering & Reservation

Seamlessly blend convenience with sophistication by providing guests the ability to not only order their favorite dishes directly from your website or app but also reserve their preferred spot effortlessly. Elevate customer satisfaction by streamlining the entire process and making dining arrangements as smooth as a culinary masterpiece.

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Pickup Dine-In Delivery

Convenience on Demand

Pickup, Dine-in & delivery options

We show pickup , Dine-in & delivery options on the restaurant website to your customers. It caters to the diverse preferences of your customers, ensuring that whether they crave the comfort of home, the ambiance of your restaurant, or a quick takeout fix, your restaurant is ready to meet their needs.

Set Up with POS System

Fleksa POS Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your Point of Sale (POS) system for a cohesive and efficient operation. Streamline order processing, reservation data, ensuring that your restaurant’s digital presence aligns harmoniously with its on-site functionalities, providing a unified and flawless experience.

Fleksa Pos Integration
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Easy Customer Login

Verified Customer Profile & Login

We prioritize the authenticity of every order on your website, ensuring a seamless process. Fleksa exclusively permits verified customers to place orders, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. This approach not only enhances order accuracy but also saves valuable time in your restaurant’s operations, creating a streamlined and reliable system.

Contact-Free Tip Payouts

Easy Tipping Option

Restaurants love Tipping, so do we! Fleksa designs restaurant websites which are integrated with tipping options. So whenever customers place orders directly from the website they can also choose the tipping option while making payment.

Easy Tipping Option

Seamless Ordering with
Fleksa's Website & App Development

Fleksa specializes in crafting branded, customizable websites and mobile apps, presenting your restaurant’s menu and services in an appealing digital format. Working closely with each client, we create a unique digital platform that embodies your restaurant’s identity and ethos. With our digital solutions, provide your customers with an effortless online ordering experience and a personalized way to engage with your restaurant.

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In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business, including restaurants. A branded website and mobile app can help restaurants attract more customers, improve their customer experience, and increase their revenue.

Some of the common benefits of having a restaurant website and mobile app include increased visibility, improved customer experience, enhanced customer loyalty, and increased revenue. A website and mobile app can help restaurants reach a wider audience and make it easier for customers to find and interact with them online.

We provide tailored solutions to fit each client's specific needs and budget. We work closely with our clients to ensure our services provide maximum value and return on investment. For detailed information about our pricing and services, please get in touch with us directly.