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Experience the effortless management of your cafe operations with Fleksa POS – the ultimate solution for cafes. With our intuitive and user-friendly POS system for cafes, you can effortlessly handle orders & reservations, process payments, manage sales, and provide impeccable service to your customers. Elevate your cafe business to new heights with our innovative solution today!

More Than Just a POS System
It's Your Cafe's Partner

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Your Trusted Cafe & Bakery POS System


Adaptability and Growth

All in one Solution

Fleksa’s scalability is a game-changer for your business. As your cafe and bakery continue to flourish, you can seamlessly integrate more terminals or open new locations. This flexibility means you won’t have to worry about costly system overhauls, allowing Fleksa to remain your steadfast partner on your journey to success, no matter how far you decide to go.

Effortless Operations

Quick Order Processing

Fleksa simplifies cafe and bakery management like never before. Its intuitive features ensure smooth order processing, effortless admin portal, and efficient table management. With Fleksa at your side, you can redirect your focus towards delivering exceptional service, knowing that your operations are running seamlessly in the background.


Comprehensive Support

Access 24/7 Support

Rest easy knowing that Fleksa comes with a dedicated customer support team that has your back. Whether you have questions, encounter technical hiccups, or need assistance with system updates, our responsive support is just a call or message away. Count on us to ensure your operations continue running smoothly, providing peace of mind as you focus on your cafe and bakery’s success.

Enhance Customer Experience

Convenience with Tableside ordering

Fleksa takes customer satisfaction to the next level by offering on-table QR order and pay options. This seamless and contactless dining experience, combined with features like split billing and itemized billing, ensures that every customer leaves your cafe or bakery with a smile, eager to return.


Customer Loyalty

Loyal Customers, Loyal Profits

Building and nurturing customer loyalty has never been easier thanks to Fleksa’s built-in CRM system. Gather and analyze customer data, monitor their preferences, and use this information to offer personalized promotions and rewards. By strengthening your relationship with your customers, you’ll encourage repeat business and generate positive word-of-mouth, becoming the go-to destination for your loyal customers.

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Ready to take your cafe and bakery to the next level with advanced POS system? Sign up for Fleksa POS software now and enjoy the benefits of our fully integrated, all-in-one POS solution. Request a demo or contact us for more information.

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Cafe & Bakery POS software is a computer application designed specifically for use in the food service industry. It allows bakeries and cafes to manage various aspects of their business, including taking orders, processing payments, managing inventory, and generating reports.

Cafes & Bakeries need a POS terminal for several reasons. First, it streamlines the ordering and payment process, making it faster and more accurate. Second, it allows for better inventory management, ensuring that cafes have the right amount of coffee and supplies on hand. Finally, it provides detailed sales and financial reports, giving owners and managers the information they need to make informed business decisions.

The cost of Fleksa POS system varies depending on the specific features and needs of the bars or nightclubs. However, Fleksa POS offers a range of pricing plans starting from $99 per month for a basic plan, with additional fees for add-ons.We also offer FREE trial options with limited features.

Yes, starting with Fleksa POS software is generally considered easy. The software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and Fleksa POS provides training and support to help restaurants and nightclubs get up and running quickly.