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Fleksa Delivery
For Restaurants

Quick Third Party Delivery Integrations

Fleksa Delivery

Why pay more for delivery when Fleksa Delivery offers an affordable and controlled solution? Our transparent flat rate, hassle-free dispatch, and full customization empower your restaurant’s delivery. As a key partner in delivery integration for restaurants, we provide access to major and regionalized fleets, ensuring broad coverage and better pricing.

Your Partner in Seamless
Delivery Integration for Restaurants

Fleksa Delivery
Redefining the Art of Restaurant Delivery

Effortless Last-Mile Delivery

Effortless Last-Mile Delivery

Simplifying Your Delivery Partners

Integrate seamlessly with delivery giants like Ubereats and Doordash through Fleksa’s delivery integration for restaurants. Customers can conveniently order directly on your platform, while our trusted partners handle last-mile delivery, ensuring swift and reliable service.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Commission Free, Flat Rate Delivery

Fleksa ensures commission-free deliveries with a flat rate for delivery partners, maintaining consistent pricing regardless of distance or cart size. This transparent pricing model fosters restaurant growth and aids customer savings, providing a fair and reliable experience.


No Need for In-House Drivers

Fleksa Delivery: No Fleet Headaches

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining in-house delivery fleets. Fleksa allows you to leverage established delivery networks, eliminating the need for in-house drivers. This cost-effective and efficient approach ensures seamless order fulfillment, optimizing your restaurant’s operations.

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Need a fast and commission-free solution for your restaurant’s deliveries? Choose Fleksa—a choice that guarantees affordable and controlled delivery solutions for your restaurant’s success without compromising financial stability. Request a demo or contact us for more information.

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Fleksa Delivery is a comprehensive solution designed for restaurants, offering seamless integration with major delivery partners, transparent pricing, and efficient order fulfillment.

Fleksa eliminates commissions and employs a flat-rate model for delivery partners. This ensures consistent pricing, regardless of distance or order size, fostering cost control for restaurant owners.

We provide round-the-clock support for hassle-free driver dispatch, tracking, and payment. Our goal is to empower restaurant owners with full control over their delivery setup, ensuring a positive and efficient experience.

Yes, Fleksa is designed for quick integration, allowing restaurants to seamlessly connect with major delivery fleets like DoorDash and UberEats. It's adaptable to various systems, ensuring a smooth implementation process.