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Online Ordering
System for Restaurant

Your Own Online Ordering System – Get quick orders with commission-free transactions.

Online Ordering System

With Fleksa’s fully-customizable online ordering platform, transform your customers’ experience and pave the way for efficiency and growth. An easy-to-use system that streamlines the ordering process while boosting customer satisfaction.

Experience the Magic of Fleksa's
Simplified Online Ordering Software

Your Personalized Online Ordering Solution

Why Choose Our Restaurant Ordering Software?

Direct Ordering

Order at Your Fingertips

Direct Online Ordering

Let your customers enjoy the simplicity of placing orders directly through the restaurant website. Fleksa makes online ordering a breeze, connecting hungry guests to your delicious offerings in just a few clicks. Our user-friendly platform allows everyone to place orders online quickly & easily, saving their time and effort.

Dynamic Menu Management

Multilevel Menu

Showcase your menu in style! Fleksa brings your dishes to life with a visually appealing multilevel menu.  With this Multilevel menu feature, customers can add their choices, extras & add ons while ordering any dish. Gain complete control over your menu display, offering real-time updates of your delicious dishes.

Multilevel Menu
Commission Free Order

Keep it All, No Third-Party Cuts

Commission Free Order

Keep more of what you earn! With Fleksa, you can accept orders without worrying about hefty commissions. Our platform is designed to let your restaurant thrive financially, ensuring that your hard-earned money stays where it belongs – in your pocket.

Order, Earn, Enjoy!

Discount & Coupon

Spread joy and attract more customers with our integrated loyalty programs. Create special promotions/offers/coupon code to make your offerings even more tempting, fostering customer loyalty and driving sales for your restaurant.

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Order On Google

Google Ordering

Order on Google

Boost your restaurant’s visibility with Fleksa’s integration with Google. Let potential customers discover, order, and enjoy your offerings seamlessly by placing orders directly through Google, making it even easier for them to connect with your delicious cuisine. Customers can browse menus, select items, and pay for their orders directly within the Google platform.

Real-Time Order Management System​

Order Management

Fleksa facilitates streamlined restaurant operations with a dedicated single-window order management dashboard, enabling restaurant owners to efficiently monitor and manage orders in real-time. We ensure seamless processes and on-time deliveries, providing a robust solution for effective restaurant management.

Order Management
Easy Tipping Option

Contact-Free Tip Payouts

Easy Tipping Option

Our user-friendly platform presents various tipping options to customers, simplifying the process of expressing gratitude through tips. Easily integrate a personal touch into your online ordering experience, allowing customers to conveniently add tips to their overall order bill with our seamless tipping features.

Safe and Reliable Payment Methods

Secure Payment Gateways

We prioritize the security of your customer’s financial information, providing a trustworthy and reliable platform for online payments, giving both you and your customers peace of mind. Fleksa allows restaurant owners to add different payment modes : Stripe, Mollie, Paypal, GPay, Apple Pay, Debit/Credit card, EC Cash, QR payment & Cash.

Secure Payment

Easily Get More Orders
For Your Restaurant!

Join the growing community of restaurants leveraging Fleksa to increase their online orders and reservations while reducing hefty commissions. With over 1000 restaurants enjoying Fleksa’s online ordering system, take advantage of the platform’s distinctive features and affordable pricing plans. Let your restaurant flourish in the digital age.

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An online ordering system is a digital solution that lets customers order through a website or mobile application. The system automates the order process, helping restaurant owners manage and fulfill customer orders more effectively.

The goal of an online ordering system is to enhance the ordering process, reduce wait times, and offer a seamless, hassle-free food ordering experience. The system aids restaurant owners in managing inventory and tracking sales data for strategic decision-making.

To remain competitive in the digital era, restaurants must invest in an online ordering system. With an increasing number of customers opting for online ordering and delivery services, a user-friendly online ordering system is crucial to attract and retain customers.

The cost of Fleksa's online order software depends on the selected features and customization options. However, Fleksa offers a FREE demo version of its ordering software, and pricing starts from just $99 per month.