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Order With Google

Expand Your Restaurant's Reach

Connect with potential customers and increase more orders with Fleksa & Google Food Ordering. 


Fleksa has partnered with the tech giant Google to offer seamless integration of Google Food Ordering. Elevate your restaurant business by enabling Google Food Ordering on your restaurant’s Google Business Page and experience a surge in orders like never before!


An Efficient Way to Skyrocket Restaurant Online Orders

Unlock Your Restaurant's Full Potential with

Fleksa & Google Food Ordering!

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Enhance Restaurant Visibility

Reach New Customers in Your Area

Google Food Ordering provides restaurants with heightened visibility throughout google maps, location based-searches, google assistants .When users search for local restaurants, Google Food Ordering showcases participating restaurants with menu items and convenient ordering choices. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Seamless Integration

Order With Google With Fleksa

The synergy between Fleksa and Google Food Ordering has resulted in a seamless integration that simplifies the entire food ordering process. This integration allows restaurants to effortlessly enable Google Food Ordering ( Takeouts & Delivery ) directly from Fleksa platform. It ensures that orders are accurately received and promptly fulfilled, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Boost Restaurant Orders

Simple & Faster Ordering Process

One of the most remarkable outcomes of Fleksa’s partnership with Google Food Ordering is the substantial increase in restaurant orders. With Google’s extensive reach via Maps & Daily Searches and user-friendly interface, more customers are discovering and ordering from restaurants enabling this feature. This surge in orders translates to increased revenue for restaurant owners.

Integrate with POS System

Orders from Google directly to Fleksa POS

Fleksa’s partnership with Google brings a seamless ordering experience for restaurant owners. Now, customers can place orders directly through Google, which are seamlessly integrated into Fleksa’s POS system.In our POS system restaurant owners can easily manage all google orders in one single window. 

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Automatic Menu Sync

Real-Time Menu Optimization

Easily synchronize your Point of Sale (POS) menu with your Google food order menu. This integration ensures that any modifications made within your POS system are seamlessly and automatically reflected on your Google page. A real-time menu management with Fleksa & google ordering. 

Avoid Extra Costs

No Expensive Third Party Fees

Restaurants can seamlessly integrate their digital menus with Google Food Ordering, all without incurring any hidden or extra costs. This collaboration simplifies the online ordering experience for both restaurants and customers, enhancing convenience and accessibility in the food industry.

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Easily Get More Orders
For Your Restaurant!

Join the growing community of restaurants leveraging Fleksa to increase their online orders while reducing hefty commissions. With over 1000+ restaurants enjoying Fleksa and Google Food Ordering, take advantage of the platform’s distinctive features and affordable pricing plans. Let your restaurant flourish in the digital age.

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Google Food Ordering is a convenient online ordering option that allows users to browse, order, and pay for food from local restaurants using the Google local searches, map. It simplifies the food ordering process by providing a seamless platform for customers to explore restaurant menus, place orders, and even schedule deliveries or pickups.

Google Food Ordering can revolutionize your restaurant's online presence & increase more orders, making it effortlessly accessible to a vast customer base. With seamless integration, customers can conveniently browse your menu, place orders, and even track deliveries, ensuring heightened visibility and accessibility for your establishment in the digital age.

Enabling the Order with Google feature for restaurants offers several benefits. Firstly, it increases a restaurant's online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to discover and order from their establishment. Also it provides a seamless and efficient ordering process for customers, which can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

Contact Fleksa official team, if you're interested in adding google food ordering in your restaurant business page.