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Tap to Pay on Android
With Fleksa

Fleksa’s Tap to Pay on Android feature empowers restaurant owners to accept contactless payments directly with their NFC-enabled Android phone, eliminating the need for additional card readers. Securely process transactions from both physical cards and digital wallets hassle-free, anytime and anywhere.

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Fleksa revolutionizes payment convenience for restaurant owners with its Tap to Pay on Android feature. Say goodbye to bulky card readers—simply use your NFC-enabled Android phone to accept contactless payments effortlessly. Seamlessly cater to customers’ preferences by securely processing payments from physical cards and digital wallets, all without the hassle of additional hardware. Streamline transactions on-the-go with Fleksa’s innovative solution.

Accept In-Person Payments with
Only Android Device

Simplify Restaurant’s Payment Processing

Tap to Pay on Android

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Digital Wallet Compatibility

Transparent and Quick Transaction

Fleksa’s Tap to Pay on Android seamlessly integrates with popular digital wallets, allowing restaurant owners to cater to diverse customer preferences. By accepting payments from platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Fleksa enhances convenience for patrons while streamlining transactions for restaurant staff.

Flexible in-restaurant experiences

Safe and Reliable Payment Methods

Transform your restaurant’s in-store experiences with Fleksa’s Tap to Pay on android. Enjoy the flexibility of catering to diverse customer preferences, whether they prefer traditional card payments or the convenience of digital wallets like Google Pay, Samsung pay. Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a seamless payment process tailored to their needs, all while streamlining operations for your staff.

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Seamless Transactions

Ensuring Safe Transactions

Fleksa revolutionizes payment processing for restaurant owners with its Tap to Pay on Android feature. Enjoy swift and hassle-free transactions, reducing wait times for customers and optimizing efficiency for staff. With Fleksa, streamline your operations and enhance the overall dining experience for your patrons.

Contactless Menu Ordering

Contact-Free Easy Payouts

 Elevate your restaurant’s service with Fleksa’s innovative Contactless Menu Ordering feature. Allow customers to browse menus, place orders, and make payments all from their NFC-enabled devices. By embracing technology, Fleksa empowers restaurant owners to offer a safer and more convenient dining experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Grow your revenue and reach

Boost Sales, Broaden Customer Base

With Fleksa’s Tap to Pay on Android, restaurant owners can expand their revenue streams and reach new customers. By offering convenient payment options and embracing emerging technologies, Fleksa enables businesses to attract more patrons and drive sales. Maximize your restaurant’s potential for growth and success with Fleksa’s innovative features.

Enable payments in more places

Accept Payments Anywhere

Fleksa empowers restaurant owners to accept payments in more places with its Tap to Pay on Android feature. Whether at the table, during delivery, or at pop-up events, Fleksa enables businesses to process transactions seamlessly without the need for additional hardware. Expand your payment capabilities and serve customers wherever they are with Fleksa.

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Get started in just a few minutes
Enable Tap to Pay on Android

Join the growing community of restaurants leveraging Fleksa to increase their online orders and reservations while reducing hefty commissions. With over 1000 restaurants enjoying Fleksa’s Tab to Pay on Android feature, take advantage of the platform’s distinctive features and affordable pricing plans. Let your restaurant flourish in the digital age.

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Tap to Pay on Android is a feature that allows businesses to accept contactless payments using NFC-enabled Android devices. It enables customers to simply tap their compatible cards or digital wallets on the device to make payments, offering a convenient and secure payment method.

Yes, enabling Tap to Pay on Android is straightforward. With Fleksa's POS software, restaurant owners can easily activate this feature within the settings menu. No additional hardware is required, making it a hassle-free solution for businesses looking to offer contactless payment options to their customers.

Once Tap to Pay on Android is enabled, businesses can start accepting payments immediately. There's no waiting period or complex setup process involved. As soon as the feature is activated, customers can begin making contactless payments using their NFC-enabled cards or digital wallets, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.