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Solution to Help Restaurant Grow
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Restaurant Partner Panel

Take control of your website, manage menu, offers, and reservations, & streamline your operations in one dashboard.

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Cloud TSE POS System

One POS for all your online and offline orders, well integrated and TSE compliant. Unlimited waiter App.

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Own Ordering System

Online ordering system which is equipped with food images and multi-payment channels.

Reservation System

Accept table reservations on your website and also directly on Google search.

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Eatarian, helps your restaurant in making more discoverable among your diners.

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With just a simple scan of a QR code on their table, customers can instantly access menus, place orders, and securely make payments.

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Website & App

We help you with user-friendly app & branded website creation to acquire a more extensive user base.

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Restaurant Marketing

Access to power your own data with fleksa powered automated marketing tools.

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Restaurant Digitalization
Tools for All Your Needs

Online Ordering

Smarter Ordering, Effortless Service

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Enable customers to order food online with visually appealing menus and versatile payment options.

Simplified Dining Experience

Table Reservation System

Effortlessly enable online table reservations through your website or Google search, simplifying the booking process for diners with seamless online reservation options.

Online Reservation
Pos System

Seamless Transactions, Every Time

Cloud POS System

Simplify your restaurant’s order management with our all-inclusive POS system – online, offline, expertly integrated, and TSE compliant.

Marketing Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Restaurant Marketing

Fleksa’s automated marketing solutions enable you to create personalized campaigns that engage your customers and drive revenue growth.

Restaurant Marketing
Website &Amp; App

Online Dining Oasis

Branded Website & App

Enhance your restaurant’s digital presence with our custom website and app services tailored to your specific needs.

Restaurant Discovery in One Click 


Welcome to Eatarian, where delectable flavors meet discoverability. Let us assist your restaurant in gaining attention from a wider audience of diners.


One Scan, Endless Possibilities


Fleksa’s innovative QR code solution allows you to effortlessly manage orders, process payments, and keep track of customer reviews.

Centralized Management, Seamlessly handle

Restaurant Partner Portal

Take control of your online presence with our Order and Brand Manager, effortlessly managing your website, menu, offers, loyalty program, and orders from one convenient hub.

Restaurant Management

Increasing Profits
for 1000+ Restaurants

Boosting local
Restaurant across Germany

Grow your orders.
keep your profit.

Join 1000+ restaurant owners who are using fleksa to avoid high commissions and increasing their online orders and reservations.


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