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How to Start Delivery-Only Restaurant

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In light of the current state of the restaurant industry, which includes fierce competition, exorbitant leasing fees, and rising costs, a delivery-only restaurant seems to be a better management plan. Are you looking to start your Delivery-Only Restaurant and wondering what benefits it can provide you and how you can start your own? Then, read out the complete blog to gain more insight.

‍What exactly are Delivery-Only Restaurants and how do they work?

The delivery-only or virtual restaurant, as the name suggests, solely serves clients who wish to order food to go, either for delivery or pick-up. In this structure, a commissary or industrial kitchen that is rented out makes the restaurant’s food. Once the meal is prepared and given to the customer by a food-delivery service, a courier picks it up.

There are several benefits to using an only-delivery restaurant business plan. The following are the top five advantages of a delivery-only restaurant:

Demand that is dependable: Virtual restaurant operators can rely on a steady stream of customers for their products and services. Based on previous data the food delivery app business more than doubled, with the top four platforms seeing a combined revenue increase of $3 billion.

Flexibility: Since a delivery-only restaurant is not confined to a physical location, it can move wherever the marketplace is most lucrative.

Reduced expenses: Compared to a regular restaurant, only delivery has fewer overhead costs because there’s no need to pay for front-of-house workers, rent a huge space, or account for table turnover.

Increased profit margin: Due to its lower overhead expenses and lower initial investment, a virtual restaurant makes more money from each sale and exposes less capital to risk.

Innovation: Since the delivery industry is still evolving, virtual restaurants can try new ideas more readily than more seasoned traditional businesses.

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How can you start a delivery-only restaurant?

1. Create a concept

If you already have a brick-and-mortar restaurant, you’ll want to have a clear notion of the items that will be on your menu. Ideally, these foods will employ the same ingredients. If you’re opening a brand-new delivery-only restaurant, be sure these ingredients may be used in a variety of recipes. Verify that possible menu item may be supplied in take-out packages without sacrificing quality or safety, in addition.

2. Create a stunning website and menu.

The first step to becoming visible and enhancing your delivery-only restaurant’s online profile is to have a great website. Compared to any other type of business, 90% of clients start their restaurant search online. In a delivery-only restaurant business plan, make sure your restaurant has an optimised website and menu because having an online presence can help you draw in new clients.

3. Develop a brand

A logo should now be considered in light of your brand and menu. Hire designers to create your logo. Learn about the brand you’re hosting in your kitchen if you are, and make sure you have all the brand elements you require to launch your delivery-only restaurant’s marketing campaign.

4. Make sure your kitchen has enough space.

If you currently own a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate room to prepare, cook, and store food for your delivery-only establishment. Consider hiring a professional or cloud kitchen, which is made for delivery-only restaurants, if you’re starting a standalone delivery-only business.

5. Pick the appropriate supplies

The appropriate supplies make all the difference for a restaurant that exclusively offers delivery. This is the only opportunity a consumer has to try your menu since you don’t have a typical brick-and-mortar location. To guarantee that your meal is served in the best possible way, make an investment in high-quality, durable takeout boxes, cutlery, straws, and stickers.

6. Team up with a supplementary food delivery service

Your restaurant’s reach can be increased by collaborating with a third-party meal delivery service, allowing you to appeal to new customers. By working together, you may use your current restaurant to build a virtual brand. A versatile business model that offers a supplemental revenue source without raising operating costs is available to restaurants.

7. Recruit or deploy a kitchen staff member

What times will your kitchen only be available for deliveries? How many employees should be on duty during such hours? If you’re creating a delivery-only restaurant inside another restaurant, this is particularly crucial. You may continue to use your current crew and operating hours if your restaurant is hosting a well-known brand. If you’re opening your initial delivery-only restaurant, you’ll need to figure out how many employees you’ll need, as well as how many hours it will be open.

8. Increase your menu choices

You have greater latitude to be imaginative with your menu selections as a business that only provides delivery service. Think about increasing your menu or adding lucrative things like beer or wine. To generate additional revenue, some restaurants even offer niche delivery-only brands for foods like wings or use meal kits or pantry supplies.

A delivery-only restaurant is a great way to get into the food business without all of the overhead costs associated with a brick and mortar establishment. If you are looking for a partner that can help you grow your restaurant, contact Fleksa. We have experience in helping restaurants start up and scale their businesses. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and see how we can help you grow your delivery-only restaurant with our involvement .

Looking for the right partner that can help your restaurant grow rapidly, partner with Fleksa. Get in touch with us!

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