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Local Indian cuisine you should visit in Berlin

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Indian cuisine is made up of a variety of native to the Indian subcontinent regional and traditional foods. In India, there are surely a wide variety of foods, and they vary based on the region. No amount of eating Italian, Thai, or Chinese food would ever satisfy an Indian since Indian food is made up of seasonings, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

‍The healthiest meals are made using the most practical Ayurvedic principles, which are used in Indian cuisine. Nowadays, most people want to travel abroad, and they certainly miss Indian food and cuisine.

‍So, in order to assist you in locating your preferred Indian eateries abroad, we have given a list of eateries in one such European city. In Berlin, Germany, there are so many Indian restaurants that should be in your wishlist. Check below to find the suitable places for you.

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Restaurant Damaru

Restaurant Damaru provides you with the taste of India at the most worthy rates. They have a delectable supper that will sate any appetite, whether you’re seeking vegetarian or non-vegetarian selections. They serve premium quality food to you. When you’re in the mood for something new from Asia, ordering cuisine online and receiving it quickly is as simple as it gets (and beyond).

Indian Dream

You can find Restaurant Indian Dream, which is the most genuine Indian eatery in Berlin, Germany. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to fill your rumbling tummy! They make sure that everything will be freshly prepared according to your specifications. Their delivery times are short, so you do not have to wait for long periods of time. They serve you the original taste of Indian spices mixed in the dishes.

Restaurant Bhatura

One of Berlin’s top restaurants and delivery services is called Restaurant Bhatura. They take great pride in providing you with the best meals, and whenever feasible, we purchase our ingredients locally. Look no further options if you want authentic food, flavour, and taste. They have a range of food options for you, be it vegetarian specialities or non-vegetarian specialities. You can order your favourite dish from their menu online, or you can visit them at Siemensstraße 40, 12247 Berlin.

Restaurant Apne (Berlin)

Every evening, you may have a lovely, laid-back time at the Apne restaurant. Restaurant Apne is situated on Berlin’s Schlierbacher Weg side. They provide delectable food in our Apne restaurants together with a selection of historical and cultural landmarks. The traditional Indian food at Apne Restaurant features a wide variety of flavours and is produced in a spotless kitchen. One of their specialities is non-vegetarian food. They have a bucket menu full of fish, chicken and a lot more. Do visit their restaurant or you can order online.

Restaurant Dildaar

You will swear your mouth is in an entirely different nation because of how authentic their food is! Discover Indian cuisine at their restaurant, Dildaar! Any Indian food enthusiast will be satisfied and eager for more, regardless of what they are craving—vegetarian or not. Due to our short delivery times, placing an order online with restaurant Dildaar takes just a few seconds.

Indian cuisine is very vast and unique, definitely worth exploring if you’re in Berlin. If you want to get a taste of India without having to travel there, then make your way to one of these local Indian restaurants. Make sure to try out different dishes so that you can fully experience the wonderful world of Indian food.

Now that you have a list of restaurants, then what are you waiting for? Hurry up now and give yourself a treat of delicious food by ordering online or visiting your nearest restaurant.


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