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Google Food Ordering For Restaurants

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Are you a restaurant owner aiming to elevate your restaurant’s game? If so, Google Food Ordering is the ideal choice for you. With the advent of online food delivery platforms, customers now expect convenience and simplicity when ordering their favorite meals. Google, being a prominent search engine and local discovery platform, has entered this arena with its Google Food Ordering feature. 

Multiple global study reports find out:

  1. 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles
  2. 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours
  3. “Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years.
  4. 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business. 

What do all these statistics signify to you? They highlight the fact that implementing Google Ordering through your Google My Business Profile can significantly boost customer visits to your local restaurant and, concurrently, lead to a substantial increase in online orders.

This article delves into the process of enabling Google Food Ordering for restaurants and explores why establishing a presence on Google My Business is crucial for restaurants’ success.

Google Food Ordering for Restaurants: Revolutionizing the Dining Experience

The integration of food ordering directly through Google My Business brings restaurants numerous benefits, including increased visibility, accessibility, and customer engagement. By tapping into Google’s vast user base, restaurants can connect with potential customers who are actively searching for local dining options. Google Food Ordering also streamlines the ordering process, making it effortless for customers to place their orders and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

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With Google My Business, your restaurant name can show up when

  1. Users search for restaurants in your local area.
  2. People look for specific cuisines or menu items you offer.
  3. Customers explore dining options on Google Maps.
  4. Individuals search for restaurants with online ordering options.

Getting Started with Food Ordering on Google

To harness the power of Google Food Ordering, follow these steps:

Step 1: Set Up or Claim Your Google My Business Listing

Your restaurant needs a verified Google My Business (GMB) listing to enable food ordering. If you haven’t already, claim your GMB listing or create a new one. Ensure that all business information, such as location, contact details, and menu, is accurate and up-to-date.

Step 2: Partner with a Supported Delivery Provider

Google partners with various delivery providers, such as Fleksa, to facilitate food delivery. Choose a provider that operates in your area and aligns with your business requirements. Establish a partnership and integrate their services with your GMB listing.

Fleksa is an official partner of Google for Online Food Ordering. If you join us for Online Food Ordering, we can put your restaurant on Google. This means the Online Ordering button will be added to your restaurant’s Google My Business profile automatically.

Step 3: Enable Online Ordering

Access your GMB dashboard and navigate to the “Menu” or “Food Ordering” section. Follow the prompts to add your menu items, prices, and images. Ensure that the menu is well-organized and visually appealing to entice customers.

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Step 4: Optimize for Mobile

Given the increasing use of mobile devices for online activities, ensure that your GMB listing and menu are mobile-friendly. This ensures a seamless experience for customers browsing and ordering from their smartphones.

Step 5: Promote Your Online Ordering

Spread the word about your restaurant’s online ordering capability on Google. Share posts on your GMB listing highlighting the convenience of placing orders directly through Google. Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings, further enhancing your restaurant’s credibility.

Step 6: Monitor and Adapt

Regularly monitor the performance of your Google Food Ordering feature. Pay attention to customer feedback, delivery times, and order accuracy. Use this data to refine your processes and continuously improve the customer experience.

Benefits of Enabling Google Food Ordering for Your Restaurant

Expand Online Presence: By enabling Google Food Ordering, your restaurant’s visibility increases significantly. When potential customers search for restaurants on Google, they can now view your menu, prices, and place orders directly through the search results. This expanded online presence can attract more customers and drive higher online and offline sales.

Increase Order Accuracy: Miscommunications during phone orders can lead to incorrect orders and customer dissatisfaction. Google Food Ordering reduces the chances of errors by allowing customers to select items from your digital menu themselves. This not only improves order accuracy but also minimizes misunderstandings and enhances the overall dining experience.

Integration with POS Systems: Integrating Google Food Ordering with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system can lead to smoother operations. Orders can be seamlessly transferred to the kitchen, reducing manual work and minimizing the risk of errors.

Integration with Google Services: Google Food Ordering is integrated with Google Maps, making it easy for customers to find your restaurant’s location and order directly from the map interface. This integration enhances the discoverability of your establishment.

Conclusion: Embrace the Digital Evolution in Dining

Incorporating Google Food Ordering into your restaurant’s strategy is a game-changer that extends your reach and increases customer engagement. By leveraging this feature, you provide a seamless and convenient experience for your customers, leading to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Keep adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape, and you’ll continue to stand out in the competitive restaurant industry.

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